The Media

In order to achieve the best possible results, we also need good data from you. TIF is preferred. We can also work with PDF, JPG, AI and EPS.

• Create the graphic from the beginning in print size 1: 1 at 300dpi
• Pay attention to sharp edges, avoid small fonts and fine lines (with very fine details we ask for agreement)
• Convert fonts to paths
• For multi-color subjects, send colors in separate layers as TIF or PSD
• Photo prints or raster prints can only be printed conditionally.

If you have no experience in creating printable files, we are happy to help. Smaller work we do for free, larger for an additional charge by arrangement.

The Delivery

Depending on the workload, the delivery time is about 1-2 weeks. If the goods are needed at a certain time at short notice, call best.
Shipping costs within Germany, as standard via DHL:
• Standard carton up to 31.5kg: 14 €
• Express cost on request
• EU / abroad on request

Express orders are usually no problem. We assume a normal delivery time of 7 days. If it should be faster we charge the following surcharges:
• 3-6 days: 25% surcharge
• 2 days: 50% surcharge
• 1 day: 75% surcharge

The Order

Your order is best sent by e-mail to contact@squeegee-berlin.de We will answer any questions beforehand by e-mail or by phone at: Jana: 015730338583

The following information is important:

• Invoice or (if different) delivery address

• telephone number (for short-term queries)

• Appointment, if the goods are needed at a fixed time

• Preview / Mock Up of the subject

• Print file 1: 1 in print size with at least 300dpi For textile prints:

• textiles (brand, model) • sizes and color (s) of textiles • printing ink (s) • placement • Specify the print width of the subject in cm

After receiving all relevant data, we can start production, you will be informed about delivery times. Depending on the order situation, the production takes 7 – 14 days, often faster. Express jobs available on request! The goods must be paid by bank transfer or pick up before delivery. Payment by invoice, cash on delivery, etc. is possible by arrangement.

The Print

• The pressure may e.g. be mounted on the front or back
• A classic chest print starts about 4 fingers below the collar
• Precise information can of course also be given. Please let us know your wishes. The positions can be customized by you
• Maximum printing area T-shirt: 32cm wide x 48cm high
• Maximum printing area bag: 31cm wide x 33cm high
• For a better assessment, print the motif on paper and place on textile
• Please additionally specify the desired width of the print in cm
• Maximum print area poster: A2, cheapest A3 + format on 35cm x 50cm paper

The Apparel

We source the majority of the Lshop range. We are also happy to order Continental, Stanley Stella etc. Just inquire then we advise you gladly. We are happy to print on and recommend ecologically and fairly produced textiles, it makes sense to find good quality and durable textiles that are well worn. High-quality fabrics can also produce better print results. Pattern textiles, e.g. in different sizes, colors and models can be delivered in advance, but they are to be paid in full plus postage. Of course, they can then be sent to us for printing. Delivery of own textiles for printing is possible in principle. However, no liability is assumed, a small percentage misprint / rejection can not be ruled out. On delivery of goods a surcharge on the printing costs: For T-shirts and cotton bags 0.25 €, for sweatshirts and hoodies 0.50 €. Within a print job, textiles can be freely combined according to color, size and model.

The Contact